I am a Photographer and Artist living with my family in Wiltshire, England. My love for photography began at an early age while living in South Africa. I adored the process, falling in love with the beauty of light through to learning how to develop the images in the darkroom. If I close my eyes right now I can still smell the intoxicating mix of chemicals in the air, it became the scent of joy for me. I remember every step of the developing process but mostly I can feel the excitement of watching my own personal vision appear on the page as it lay in it's chemical bath. It was my life for many years, a way to make sense of the world and to process the things I was seeing and experiencing growing up in a turbulent country.

I have a diverse career background ranging from trauma counselling to working with children but I am now gravitating back to my first and most beautiful passion, Photography. I have an intuitive, authentic approach to taking photos, my own unique perspective on the world. We all have a deep, personal story to tell and my absolute passion is helping people tell theirs.